AdWords for Chiropractors

Google AdWords for Chiropractors

Specialist Google AdWords for Chiropractors

Google Adwords for chiropractors $99/week

Pay-per-click ads that show up right when a potential patient is looking for a chiropractor like you. Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising averages a return of $2 for every $1 spent. Advertise today and stop missing out on new patients.

You can start from $99/week (our management fee) plus the cost of your Google Ads. For a small campaign, spent no more than $200/week total (ad spend and management fee).

What are the BENEFITS to me?

Attract more patients
Advertise within a set distance from your clinic
Reach the right people at the right time
Start with a small campaign and scale with time

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords, or online pay-per-click advertising, connects paying customers with your chiropractic clinic. Your Google ads are only shown when target keywords are entered into search engines. E.g. “Chiropractor + My Suburb”. We’ll make sure your ads are seen by potential patients at the exact time they’re searching for a chiropractor. With our years of research, we know the keywords that get results.

We start small and build your campaign over time

We don’t want you to waste money. We start your campaign small and after we demonstrate a positive ROI, only then can you scale.

We’ll provide you with a measured and accountable campaign plus regular reporting, showing you the calls and search terms patients use.

Google Ad Words Ad Text

Your return on investment

AdWords campaigns have been show to return $2 for each $1 invested (Google Economic Impact Report). The ongoing optimisation of a campaign is the key to improving ROI.

How much is an average patient worth to your clinic over the course of a year? $500, $1K, $5k? We have generated clicks for as low as $1. If a patient signs up with you and follows through with your recommendations for care, there is significant upside for you to benefit from.

It’s only after we establish a positive ROI scenario and demonstrate to you the financial success of the campaign, that you may increase your daily budget, further maximising your AdWords ROI.


Is this right for me? If you haven’t tried Google Adwords before, if you are a smaller clinic looking to start internet marketing or if you are ready to launch a large campaign, we can help.

You control the amount you spend and once a positive return on investment scenario has been established you can scale your investment.


$99 per week

Week one – setup

Week two – ads go live

Regular reporting

Targeted, proven keywords

Multiple ads and split testing

Ongoing optimisation

Lead/call tracking

No lock in contract

Payable x4 weeks in advance

Your ad budget – unlimited


Chiropractic marketing professionals

We have experience running Google AdWords campaigns specifically for chiropractic clinics. We know the keywords and ad variations that generate results. Our team is ready to run your AdWords campaign today. You could be welcoming new patients into your clinic in no time.

We keep your costs low

You won’t waste large sums of money on big campaigns that fail to deliver. We purposefully start your campaign small and only after a positive return on investment scenario can you increase your budget.

You may be happy only spending the minimum amount and enjoy the new patients that come from that spend. It’s up to you.

To start your Google AdWords campaign please call us on (02) 9331 0184 or sign up for your first month in the pricing table. Alternatively, leave your details in the form below and we’ll contact you.


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