SEO for Chiropractors

SEO for Chiropractors

Boost your business with professional SEO

It’s essential that your chiropractic website ranks on Google Page 1 – this is where the new patients are.

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Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) program for chiropractors aims to improve your website search engine rank, boosting it as high as possible, helping to bring you more new patients. If you’re looking for professional SEO for Chiropractors, please read on.

Question: do you know where your clinic ranks on Google for your top 5 keywords?

What are the BENEFITS to me?

Increased visibility in Google search

Long term business growth potential

Increased potential for new patients

Chiropractic specific keywords built into your site

Results build over time, increasing your ROI

Our specialist approach, tailored for chiropractic clinics, gets you results

Our SEO campaigns for chiropractors are more specific than other marketing agency SEO offerings, as we combine several additional elements into your campaign to maximise results, including our 6-point plan, below. First though, what is SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility or ranking of a webpage in the free or organic search result. The significance of this means more clicks to your website and more potential patients and enquiries.

Why is it important to rank high in search results? Page 1 results get 92% of all search traffic. On page 1, position 1 captures 33% of traffic, position 2 captures 17% and so on, with position 10 capturing only 2%.

We specialise in providing professional SEO services that will boost your business.


Our 6-Point SEO Plan

1) Keywords

We aim to optimise your site with powerful keywords. We know the types of keywords unique to chiropractic.

2) Tech Review

Your website will be expertly assessed by our technicians, who’ll look for any problems.

3) Market Research

We’ll conduct local level market research, assessing and analysing your competitors while looking for market opportunities.

4) Content

We’ll update your blog with fresh and engaging content, increasing your brand’s exposure online.

5) Backlinks

We’ll make full use of our industry contacts to create links back to your site, boosting your rank position.

6) Long Term Gains

A sustained investment in an SEO campaign, over time, will boost your website rank and increase new patients.

How long does SEO take?

SEO is a medium to long-term growth strategy. It takes a few months for the campaign to build momentum. You are looking at a 6 to 12 month time frame at least. Once you secure higher rankings, you may need maintenance SEO to hold and maintain these positions as your competitors are also trying to rank.

Over time, results build, boosting your ROI and bringing more new patients into your clinic. We have entered SEO campaign ‘year 2’ for several chiropractors and they love the results so far.

Does my clinic need a SEO Campaign?

Consider this: write a list of your 5 neighbouring suburbs. Now, do a Google search for a chiropractor in each suburb e.g. Chiropractor Bondi. Does your website rank on Google page 1 (and if so, who hold the first 3 positions?) for each suburb?

If not, your clinic needs a SEO campaign. We have over 40 keywords that are specific to chiropractors and we know which keywords drive patient enquiries.

Are you ready to invest in an expert chiropractic SEO campaign?


Invest in long term gains

Service: We’ve successfully boosted the website rank for many chiropractic clinics. We know the keywords and methodology that gets results. Our team is ready to start your SEO investment today. Do you want page 1 results?

Investment: From $99/week, for 6 months to one year and ongoing.

Results: Over time, your website should start to rank in Google search for target keywords. As your organic traffic increases, so to should the number of enquiries you receive. SEO is a medium to long term investment strategy with results building over time

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