Practical ways to build a better clinic

These 50 chiropractic marketing ideas have been broken down into 5 key areas, allowing you to work through each section in your own time. We cover branding and market positioning, action planning, patient communication and retention, promotion and advertising, and online strategy.

Some of these ideas have been implemented in our partner clinics, others combine the best marketing methodology with a chiropractic application.

We’d love to hear from you on what has worked in your clinic or what areas you need help with. If you want advice on how to better market your chiropractic clinic, please contact Premier Practice now.



1) Develop a Mission Statement

  • Be clear on what your practice stands for. What is your mission statement? Know what your promise is. Knowing this will help you put out consistent messages to attract the right patients.
  • It will also help you hire the right people who align themselves with your mission, services and promise.

2) Develop Brand Codes

  • Use these for all your marketing materials (website, flyers, email, posters). Decide on a primary colour, logo, word and/or scheme. Make sure it’s consistent.

3) Use Consistent Branding

  • Make sure all your marketing materials look and feel the same. Use themes or design template packages.

4) Standardise Your Contact Details

  • Write up your details and be sure to include your name, position, qualifications, clinic name and address, phone number, email, website and links to your social media profiles. Make these details your email signature on both your PC and mobile devices.

5) Develop a Unique Tag Line

  • Use this to complement your business name and logo. This should define the unique patient benefit and reflect your philosophy. A tag line can speak volumes about who you are and the reason your patients need you.
  • You’re worth it”, “Just do it” and “Find a healthier you” are some memorable examples. Do you know what brands they represent?

6) Develop Professional Business Cards

  • Your cards should take into account points 2,3,4 and 5. Have these available on your front desk and drop them into local businesses around your clinic.

7) Tell the World about You, Your Team and Your Story

  • People love a good story and the more patients know about you, the deeper your relationship with them will be. Why did you decide to become a chiropractor? How has chiropractic transformed your life?

8) Profile Your Target Market.

  • Take into account local demographics such as age, gender, family size, ethnicity, income, and education. Use this information to engage your target market and to adjust your key messaging as required.

9) Leverage Your Team

  • Your staff are one of your most important marketing assets. Make sure they are communicating key messages at the right time throughout the patient care lifecycle. Not only can your staff help close sales, they can act as brand ambassadors, helping to pass on your mission statement and generating referrals.

10) Make Sure Your Cinic has a Clean ‘Look and Feel’

  • Remove unnecessary clutter, consider an appropriate colour palette and remember this: your clinic needs to say less about you and more about your patients. Plan your clinic aesthetics for the patient, not for you.



11) Be Focussed and Consistent

  • Focus on just one or two new marketing ideas at any one time. Focus and consistency will stop you wasting time and money on tactics that don’t work. Convert a new marketing tactic into a new, permanent business habit. Allow 2-3 months for each new tactic to play out. Assess its effectiveness and decide if you want to permanently roll it out.

12) Implement a Yearly Marketing Calendar

  • Schedule activities over monthly periods of time and stick to the plan. Use a wall calendar, a white board or a paper year planner and ensure someone is accountable for implementation.

13) Outsource Your Marketing to a Professional

  • Consider delegating part or all of your marketing function to someone who knows what they are doing and who will achieve results for you.
  • Have a look at our complete chiropractic marketing service solutions.

14) Set Realistic Goals

  • Decide what marketing ideas you and your team can realistically dedicate time and energy on. Remember, patient management and care should take up the majority of your time. If you or your team are spending too much time trying to implement one particular marketing idea, outsource it to a professional.

15) Crowd Source Design Jobs

  • Need some creative work done but don’t have a large budget? Consider crowd sourced design services such as 99designs.com. Ensure you have prepared a detailed design brief to get a good result.
  • Unless you or your CA have experience in graphic design, don’t waste valuable time trying to reinvent the wheel.

16) Create Local Business Partnerships

  • Think about those local businesses who share a similar target market to you e.g. local yoga studio, gym, personal trainer, swim centre. What could you offer them that would also benefit their customers? This is how patient referrals start: through a value proposition exchange.

17) Monitor Your Competitors

  • Take time to see what local chiropractors are doing and how they are placed in the market. Check out their website, social media sites and presence on Google search.
  • If your competitors have a better understanding of the local market, they’re probably taking a greater share of new patient enquiries. Match, pace and lead in your local market.

18) Use the Marketing Mix to Your Advantage

  • The marketing mix takes into account the 4 P’s: Product/Service, Place, Promotion and Price. Compare and contrast your marketing mix with that of your competitors. If required, adjust your marketing mix to give you a competitive edge.
  • You need to think about these options from your patients point of view, not your own. We can help you develop chiropractic marketing strategies that address your local marketing mix and more.

19) Is Your Clinic Visible to Potential Patients Online?

  • Do you know what keywords they’re using to search for chiropractors like you? If you have a website and it’s not ranking for priority chiropractic keywords, you’re effectively invisible online.

20) Marketing and Advertising are Different

  • Many smaller chiropractic clinics can’t afford to advertise as effectively and frequently as larger clinics. Advertising is often more effective (and generates a higher ROI) when it’s outsourced to a professional agency.
  • Marketing, however, can be implemented on a daily basis by you and your team! Consider speaking opportunities, writing, public screenings, local business partnerships and patient appreciation days.



21) Build a Strong Email Database

  • How many patient email addresses do you have in your database right now? A strong database makes good marketing sense but also good business sense. Leverage your database to increase patient communication and drive referrals.

22) Answer the Phone, Always

  • Make sure someone always answers your clinic’s phone. This is the most basic element in providing good customer service. Your phone should be staffed 5 to 6 days per week, from 8.30am to around 6pm. It’s vital that potential patients actually speak to someone when they call.
  • Voice message is largely ineffective. Most calls actually come through between 12-3pm.
  • We can provide solutions here to help you capture all phone enquiries.

23) Send Birthday Messages to Your Patients

  • Impress and surprise your patients with personalised birthday messages and reactivations – build brand loyalty.

24) Send Warm Welcome Emails to all New Patients

  • Send chiropractic emails out to all new patients. Thank your new patients for having the confidence to contact your clinic. Share with them your personal story and how you can help them and their family.

25) Send Post Cards to Patients

  • Include a personal message and send them at certain times of the year e.g. holidays, Christmas and Easter.

26) Stay in Touch via E-newsletters

  • Patients want to know more about you and about chiropractic. Their relationship with you is more than just as a consumer, they are partners with you in their health journey. Check out our chiropractic e-newsletter services.

27) Impress Your Practice Members with a Chiropractic Hardcopy Newsletter

  • You can create an A4 PDF in-house and will it with informative chiropractic and health content. Complete it with your logo and contact details.

28) Have a Downloadable New Patient Form on Your Website

  • There are two key benefits in doing this: 1) your patients will already have their paperwork done prior to their first consultation. 2) Make the form an e-form so that printing is not required. Patients simply fill out online and email back to you.

29) Ensure Patients Receive an Appointment Reminder

  • Patients actually like SMS or email reminders before their appointments. Reminders minimise your missed appointment ratio thus boosting income.

30) Do you have a Social Media Policy?

  • Develop your own and include it in your marketing plan. Make sure all social communications are consistent with your branding and AHPRA guidelines.



31) Create a Compelling Story about Your Clinic and how it was Founded

  • This will serve to engage both staff and patients. People love a good story and it helps people talk about you.

32) Enter Awards and Competitions

  • Winning or becoming a finalist builds trust and gives you an opportunity for local media coverage.

33) Invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Conduct SEO work on your website. Engage professionals to help boost your website rank and to incorporate chiropractic specific keywords into your site.
  • Why is it important to rank high in search results? Page 1 results get 92% of all search traffic. On page 1, position 1 captures 33% of traffic, position 2 captures 17% and so on, with position 10 capturing only 2%.
  • If you want new patients from the internet, you need to rank as high on Google page 1. Not just for your clinic name, but for a variety of keywords.

34) Invest in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  • Pay-per-click ads show up right when a potential patient is looking for a chiropractor like you.
  • Google AdWords averages a return of $2 for every $1 spent. Advertise today and stop missing out on new patients.
  • We run Google AdWords campaigns for chiropractors.

35) Conduct Regular Spinal Screenings

  • Partner up with your local gym, sports centre or shopping centre and offer community members a complimentary spinal screening. This method, if applied consistently and faithfully, generates referrals.

36) Invest in a Stall at Health and Wellness Expos

  • You’re guaranteed an almost endless stream of foot traffic. From our experience, many people actually come up to the stall and ask for a chiropractic check up.

37) Ask Each Patient how they Found Your Clinic

  • Keep these results in a database so you can determine lead sources. Your online presence should be generating between 30-50% of your new patient referrals each month.

38) Take Time to Build Relations with Local GP’s

  • Allied health providers must report back to the referring GP. If you foster an open relationship with local GP’s they are likely to have confidence in referring future patients to your clinic.

39) Post Valuable Content to Your Social Media Accounts Daily

  • Test different types of content to see which ones perform better. Active social media accounts are a great way to engage new and existing patients.

40) Social Media and Your Signature

  • Add social media links to your email signature and to auto response emails from your website.



41) Rank on Google Page 1

  • The competition is fierce for that top spot on Google. Gone are the days when you’d launch your website and wait for the phone to ring.
  • Today, you need to invest in some degree of SEO to increase your visibility online. If you have a new website, we recommend at least a few months of SEO work. If you have an older website and aren’t generating new patients through it, we recommend an SEO review to determine what the blockages may be.

42) Create and Publish Regular Blog Content

  • This is your content marketing strategy and if implemented correctly, should see new patients landing on your website. Create unique content that is patient centric, easy to read and informative.

43) Write Your Own Website and Marketing Content

  • Make sure all content published to your website is unique. Google may penalise your site if the content is plagiarised from another source.

44) Create Content for Specific Audiences

  • Your content should be created to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. If you don’t know for whom each piece of content is created, how will you determine its effectiveness?

45) Maximise Your Google Places Listing

  • Local searches are now the most popular searches on Google.

46) Update the Content on Your Site Often

Generally, your chiropractic website is the first place patients go. It’s crucial that your site’s appearance, theme and content are current.

47) Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

In 2015 Google released a significant mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that penalised websites that weren’t mobile responsive.

48) Create Videos and Upload to YouTube

  • A short 2-minute video is often a more effective method of communicating your message than a block of text. Internet users love video. You could welcome patients to your clinic, offer a clinic tour, introduce yourself and your services and more.

49) Integrate Online Booking Systems to Your Website

  • This allows patients to book their next adjustment in their own time and within your allocated time slots.

50) Remember, no single marketing technique will solve all your challenges. A consistent approach to chiropractic marketing, using a strategic combination of these 50 ideas, should yield positive results over time.

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