Free Chiropractic Videos

Add these free chiropractic education videos to your site today!

Add our free chiropractic education and health videos to your website. We create these 1-2 minute long videos to assist you in your education and promotion activities.

We’ll customise each video with your logo and photo

Any video you use on your website should include your clinic logo, and an image of you, so that your business looks and feels professional and well branded. We’ll simply add your logo to the opening video scene and add your head shot to the feature image.

How do I get my video?

Contact us and we’ll prepare your customised video. We will then send you the code so you can embed the video on your website.



Why are these videos free?

In using these free chiropractic videos you agree to include a reference, in the form of two links, back to the Premier Practice website and back to one of our partner chiropractic websites.

What are the benefits?

Video is one of the most dynamic and engaging forms of content, outperforming visuals or text alone. Embedding videos on your chiropractic website is important for the following reasons:

  • A good video should increase dwell time. For search engines, if a visitor spends a minute or two on your page, that is a good signal. If a visitor spends a few seconds on your page and clicks away, that is a bad signal.
  • Effectively communicates a key message in an appealing way i.e. how chiropractors help with back pain.
  • If you want to boost your website rank, you need to focus on publishing good quality content, such as video.

Want to know more?

Request a consultation now so we can discuss your business needs.