SEO and content marketing case study

Increase in organic website traffic using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content marketing

Last Updated: January 2018

Key Results

Client: Chirolife

January 2018 update: 385% increase in organic traffic

May 2017 Update: 269% increase in organic traffic

This case study presents ‘snap shot’ assessments of the SEO and content marketing work being done for Chirolife. We use best practice SEO techniques coupled with high quality content writing to drive website traffic, leading to measurable increases in organic traffic and an overall increase in enquiries.

The chiropractor invested into our Chiropractic Marketing System, which combines several different components and is perfect for a smaller clinic looking to strengthen their online presence.

January 2018 Update

385% increase in organic traffic from January 2017 to December 2017

Analysis: This update continues from our May 2017 update below. We delivered a significant increase in website traffic for our client and established a long term growth trend in traffic. For the 2017 calendar year, the Chirolife website saw a 385% increase in organic traffic, from a baseline figure of 46 in January 2017 up to 233 visitors in December 2017.

The increase in organic traffic is attributed to new blog posts, optimised service pages and strategic keyword targeting. The increase in organic traffic was matched by an increase in customer enquiries.


Image: Organic website traffic plotted each week between January and December 2017. Source: Google Analytics.

May 2017 Update

269% increase in organic traffic between Jan and May 2017

  • Jan 46
  • Feb 76
  • Mar 124
  • Apr 128
  • May 170

Image: Increase in organic website traffic between Jan and May 2017. Source: Google Analytics.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic refers to the traffic that comes to your website as a result of unpaid search. E.g. you do a Google search for ‘chiropractor’ and organic results are displayed. Often, the goal of SEO is to increase organic traffic. Other types of traffic include pay-per-click traffic from ads that cost money.

Why is organic web traffic important?

As part of our SEO and marketing system campaigns, we aim to benchmark historical website performance so we can compare this data with future gains. A fundamental component of any website marketing campaign should be to increase organic website traffic. An increase in organic traffic only comes from more keywords being added to the website or an increase in rank position for existing keywords.

For chiropractic clinics, the target keywords include conditions commonly helped, location and clinic name. If your organic traffic increases on the back of these targeted keywords, you should see an increase in patient enquiries.

Success is dependent on strong, underlying fundamentals, which take time and resources to set up.


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